Unarmed College Woman Brutally Raped at Gunpoint in "Safe Zone" – She Had a CCW Permit, but Illegal on Campus



Amanda Collins’ rapist is now sitting on death row, but that was after he brutally raped 3 women and murdered one of them.

Here’s what REALLY happens when students aren’t allowed to conceal carry a gun on college campuses.

The state of Nevada prohibits concealed carry weapons on college campuses.  In 2007, Nevada college student Amanda Collins possessed a concealed carry permit, but because of state law, she did not carry her weapon with her on campus.  As a result, she was unable to prevent a serial rapist and murderer from brutally raping her at gunpoint, in a “safe zone,” and less than 100 feet from the campus police cruisers.  She retells her story and says that a call box right above her head would not have prevented her attack.  Reasonable, thinking individuals already know this.

Listen to Amanda Collins tell her story.

Got any questions, Colorado Democrat State Representative Joe Salazar?

Oh that’s right, Mr. Salazar, I briefly almost mistook you for a reasonable individual who cares about both womens’ and individual rights.  You meant what you said about hysterical, paranoid women.

See Representative Salazar’s misogynistic declaration about women’s security issues here.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it really is a MUST-SEE.  Just in case my readers doubt, here’s what he said the first time, and here’s his yes-I-really-do-hate-women “apology.”


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