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Unarmed College Woman Brutally Raped at Gunpoint in "Safe Zone" – She Had a CCW Permit, but Illegal on Campus


Amanda Collins’ rapist is now sitting on death row, but that was after he brutally raped 3 women and murdered one of them. Here’s what REALLY happens when students aren’t allowed to conceal carry a gun on college campuses. The state of Nevada prohibits concealed carry weapons on college campuses. …

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Colorado State Senator Lambert Introduces Bill Encouraging "Gun-Free Zones" to Allow Legal Self-Defense


“Gun-free zones” is how businesses advertise their defenseless customers as sitting ducks for any criminals who would open fire upon them.   Remember the horrific 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater tragedy?  That was a “gun-free zone,” hand-picked by the shooter from several theaters in his community.  He bypassed other theaters for …

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