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Colorado Democrat Hudak Wages War on Women to Pass Anti-Gun Bill, Fudges Data Against Rape Victim Amanda Collins on Senate Floor

by Stephanie Fisher Our Democrat legislator friends in Colorado are at the war on women again – belittling and degrading women and rape victims. In her zeal to pass an anti-gun bill HB13-1226 which would make it illegal to conceal carry on Colorado college campuses, Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak(D) …

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Unarmed College Woman Brutally Raped at Gunpoint in "Safe Zone" – She Had a CCW Permit, but Illegal on Campus


Amanda Collins’ rapist is now sitting on death row, but that was after he brutally raped 3 women and murdered one of them. Here’s what REALLY happens when students aren’t allowed to conceal carry a gun on college campuses. The state of Nevada prohibits concealed carry weapons on college campuses. …

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CO Democrat – Paranoid College Women Might Imagine Rapists & Pop Off Guns at Anybody, Use Call Boxes Instead


Colorado’s 2nd Amendment rights are on the chopping block, with several anti-gun bills being debated and shoved through legislation.  One of these atrocious bills is HB13-1226, the “No Conceal Carry at Colleges “bill. Imagining a rapist following you?  There’s a safe zone call box for those types of “gender inequities,” …

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Obama, Piety, Sluts and a Million Bucks [VIDEO]

President Obama

Selective piety… At a press conference this week, President Obama opportunistically chose the pious path and said this about Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” remarks directed at Sandra Fluke: PRESIDENT OBAMA:  “I thought about Malia and Sasha. I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful …

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