Colorado Democrat Hudak Wages War on Women to Pass Anti-Gun Bill, Fudges Data Against Rape Victim Amanda Collins on Senate Floor

by Stephanie Fisher


Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak(D)

Our Democrat legislator friends in Colorado are at the war on women again – belittling and degrading women and rape victims.

In her zeal to pass an anti-gun bill HB13-1226 which would make it illegal to conceal carry on Colorado college campuses, Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak(D) scraped the bottom of the scummy “War on Women” barrel to try and discredit Amanda Collins’ rape testimony and horrific experience.  Hudak’s idiotic and demeaning insults will raise the hackles of any reader with even half a conscience.  After Miss Collins shared her testimony, Senator Hudak said this:

“Thank you for sharing your very unsettling story.  I just want to say that, actually, statistics aren’t on your side, even if you had had a gun.  … because this individual was … able to overcome you … and chances are that if you had had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you, and possibly use it against you.  … for every one woman who used a handgun to kill someone in self-defense, 83 were murdered by them.”

See it to believe it:

Hudak went on to say this, from The Denver Post:

“The odds of a perpetrator of a sexual crime — especially a larger male — getting the gun away from a woman are high.”

What is it with you Democrats?

I thought the “War on Women” was the Republicans’ cause?  When are we going to learn?  Democrat Lawmakers know what is best for us!  So, a woman has no need to carry a concealed weapon just because it “could” be wrestled away from her?

This is outrageous.  By that logic you shouldn’t bother wearing your seat belt because a car accident “could” still kill you.  You shouldn’t undergo radiation and chemotherapy if you have cancer because you “could” still die from it.

Senator Hudak I’d like you to clarify your position.

Do you recommend not taking any means necessary to protect yourself in situations that may be dangerous?  We have the right to self protection!  You are violating our right to protect ourselves!

It turns out that the statistics cited by Hudak were inapplicable to Collins’ rape.

The Denver Post found that Hudak’s data was not an “equal comparison,” and that the data she cited applies to attacks by “intimate acquaintances.”  Basically, the Denver Post found that there is no data to support Hudak’s claim: 

“Marty Langley, policy analyst for the Violence Policy Center, said no data exists for instances of a woman killed by a man who used her gun against her.”

Interesting that Senator Hudak would cite inapplicable statistics to make her case that the lawmakers know more than the citizens and that they know what is best for them.

“Those who support the measure claim it is a matter of safety for the entire college campus.”

So, the Democrats who support the measure are allegedly just looking out for the collective.  Funny, that in the Democrat utopian economy, the individual must always suffer for the good of the whole.  Alas, whatever it takes:  any means justifies their utopian end.


Stephanie Fisher is a conservative writer and political activist in Colorado.  

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