Nervous CO Governor Hickenlooper to 9News Reporter – You're Asking Stupid, Ridiculous Questions, No More Access for You

hickenlooper interview

by Michelle Morin A suspect in Colorado’s Department of Corrections Executive Director Tom Clements’ horrific murder has been identified as former Colorado inmate Evan Ebel. Ebel was found in Texas Thursday, and a police chase and shootout ensued resulting in Ebel’s death. The gun found in Ebel’s possession was the …

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Cold-Blooded Monument Murder on Eve of Hickenlooper's Anti-Gun Fame – Could This Be A Jihadist Moment Here in Colorado?


by Michelle Morin 3/22/13 10:00pm update — A suspect has been found and killed. Former Colorado inmate Evan Ebel, whose father is an “old friend” of Governor Hickenlooper’s, was found in Texas.  A police chase and shootout resulted in Ebel’s death.  The gun found in Ebel’s possession matches the caliber …

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