ACK!! I Left My Mags In The Bathroom

by Jax Bubis


During the height of the letter writing/calling/emailing/facebooking campaign encouraging Governor Hickenlooper to veto the plethora of gun bills on his desk (which he ignored, by the way), one of my favorite letters was from none other than my own son.  He wrote the Governor and asked this:

HB-1224 states that “grandfathered” magazines must remain in possession by their owners at all times. So, at all times, or can I leave them in the safe? Do I need to take them to the bathroom with me when I go, or can I be in the same house with them and be okay?

This gives new meaning to having a magazine in the bathroom.

Rush Limbaugh often says he highlights absurdity by being absurd.  So the absurd thought that one must take their magazines to the bathroom with them must have made it to the Governor before he signed the bill.  Here is our Governor’s disclaimer:

We also have heard concerns about the requirement in the law that a person who owns a large-capacity magazine prior to the law’s enactment may legally possess that magazine only as long as he or she “maintains continuous possession” of it. We do not believe a reasonable interpretation of the law means that a person must maintain continuous “physical” possession of these items. Responsible maintenance and handling of magazines obviously contemplates that gun owners may allow others to physically hold and handle them under appropriate circumstances. We are confident that law enforcement and the courts will interpret the statute so as to effectuate the lawful use and care of these devices.

I’m so relieved.

So, I’m just superglad to know that I don’t have to cart my magazines to work, to the grocery store, to my networking group and…. to the potty.


Jax Bubis is politically active in Colorado Springs and El Paso County Colorado.  She and her husband Dan own Patriot’s Marketplace, a business network described as an “Angies List for Patriots.”

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