6 Radical Anti-Gun Bills to Criminalize Gun Owners Scheduled in CO Senate Monday – CALL / BE THERE


The unprecedented legislation to criminalize gun owners in Colorado is in full swing, and it has no possibility of being stopped without your involvement now.

Call now and if you can, go to the State Capitol Monday to let your voice and presence be heard.  ALL CONTACT INFORMATION IS BELOW AND EASY TO USE, PLEASE SHARE!

From the Colorado Senate News website:

Six far-reaching Democrat sponsored gun control bills are scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the State Affairs Committee on MONDAY, MARCH 4th

If these bills pass, we will lose our rights, reduce our safety, and we will watch multiple companies close their doors, fire their employees and move out of Colorado.

HB 1224: Bans magazines with a capacity of more than 15 bullets. Magazines owned prior to the ban can be kept but cannot be transferred or sold. (Judiciary)

HB 1226: Prohibits concealed carry on public college campuses. (State Affairs)

HB 1228: Charges fees for background checks. (State Affairs)

HB 1229: Requires a background check to be conducted by a licensed firearms dealer before any sale or transfer of a firearm. “Transfer” includes lending a firearm to a friend or family member on a temporary basis. (State Affairs)

SB 195: requires concealed carry permit applicants to complete training in-person. (Judiciary)

SB 196: makes users, owners, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of firearms liable for harm caused by any firearm that was under their control at one point in time and is later misused by someone else. (Judiciary)

Committees will begin at 10:30 a.m. Judiciary will meet in the Old Supreme Court Chambers on the second floor and State Affairs will meet in Senate Committee Room 356 on the third floor of the Capitol.

Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee

Last Name First Name Title Party Office Phone Email Address
Giron Angela Chair Democrat 303-866-4878 angela.giron.senate@state.co.us
Jones Matt Vice Chair Democrat 303-866-5291 senatormattjones@gmail.com
Crowder Larry Member Republican 303-866-4875 2012larrycrowder@gmail.com
Harvey Ted Member Republican 303-866-4881 ted.harvey.senate@state.co.us
Hudak Evie Member Democrat 303-866-4840 senatorhudak@gmail.com

Click here to email the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee

Senate Judiciary Committee

Last Name First Name Title Party Office Phone Email Address
Guzman Lucia Chair Democrat 303-866-4862 lucia.guzman.senate@state.co.us
Ulibarri Jessie Vice Chair Democrat 303-866-4857 senator.ulibarri@gmail.com
Aguilar Irene Member Democrat 303-866-4852 irene.aguilar.senate@state.co.us
King Steve Member Republican 303-866-3077 steve.king.senate@state.co.us
Lundberg Kevin Member Republican 303-866-4853 kevin@kevinlundberg.com

Click here to email the Senate Judiciary Committee

h/t Colorado Senate News


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