Colorado State Senator Lambert Introduces Bill Encouraging "Gun-Free Zones" to Allow Legal Self-Defense


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“Gun-free zones” is how businesses advertise their defenseless customers as sitting ducks for any criminals who would open fire upon them.   Remember the horrific 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater tragedy?  That was a “gun-free zone,” hand-picked by the shooter from several theaters in his community.  He bypassed other theaters for this single “gun-free zone” theater.

Colorado’s State Senator Kent Lambert has put forth a bill which encourages these “gun-free zone” businesses to allow those on its premises to legal self-defense, according to state law.  From Lambert’s Senate Bill 13-062:


A private business entity shall be liable for damages in any civil action brought by an invitee if:

! The private business entity holds itself open to the public;

! The private business entity prohibits the carrying of firearms, whether concealed or open, on the premises of the business, where such carrying would otherwise be permitted under law;

! The private business entity fails to employ on the premises of the business at least 1 on-duty security officer, who is armed with a firearm, for each 50 persons who are present on the premises of the business; and

! The invitee incurs said damages as a result of actions taken by another person, against whose actions the invitee could have defended himself or herself with a firearm in the absence of the private business entity’s prohibition against the carrying of firearms.

“Private business entity” includes, but is not limited to, a tax-exempt, not-for-profit entity that conducts retail sales or provides retail services to the public.

Colorado’s legislature is controlled by Democrats in the House, Senate, and Governor, so this bill will face an uphill climb.  Senator Lambert and all Colorado’s lawmakers who support this bill need your help for this common-sense bill to pass.  Go here to find your state Colorado Senator and Representative contact information, and go here for Governor Hickenlooper’s contact information, and urge them to pass this bill.


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