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Like a True Dictator, CO Governor Hickenlooper Signing Gun Bills Into Law Which Won't Be Enforced

by Bob Adelmann Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is going to sign new gun bills into law today even though he knows they won’t be enforced. That’s the mindset of a dictator. This reminds me of the Townsend Acts passed by King George III. He knew they were unenforceable and that they would enrage …

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Colorado Democrat Senator Jeanne Nicholson Yells at Constituents to "Sit Down!" [VIDEO]


by Michelle Morin So, how do Democrats really regard you, their voting constituent? Answer:  As if  you’re their ugly, unwanted, sassy little step-child – and they long to have a switch in their grip. Watch as Colorado’s angry, out-of-control Senator Jeanne Nicholson (D) yells at her constituents to “Sit Down!” …

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Colorado Democrat Hudak Wages War on Women to Pass Anti-Gun Bill, Fudges Data Against Rape Victim Amanda Collins on Senate Floor

by Stephanie Fisher Our Democrat legislator friends in Colorado are at the war on women again – belittling and degrading women and rape victims. In her zeal to pass an anti-gun bill HB13-1226 which would make it illegal to conceal carry on Colorado college campuses, Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak(D) …

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A Leftist Colorado Lawmaking Gun Grabber has a Criminal Record – Oh SHOCK!

by Bob Adelmann Why am I surprised? The elitist mentality separates themselves from the serfs to whom their laws apply, but not to themselves. I’m speaking of Rep. Rhonda Fields whose website shows that she supports “Justice, Fairness, Community.” She represents House District 42 in Aurora, Colorado, and her voting record shows …

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Colorado Democrats to Run Off at Least 3 Businesses – Eliminating Jobs & Revenue, Criminalizing Gun Owners

At least three Colorado businesses have promised to relocate out of state if Democrats pass HB13-1224, an anti-gun bill which would limit gun magazine capacity. Magpul Industries, a Colorado gun accessory maker, was the first to announce its intentions, stating in no uncertain terms that it will relocate its facilities, …

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CO Democrat Salazar – I'm Sorry, I Meant What I Said about Women, and YOU Are Wrong


Misogyny:  “Hatred of women.” Colorado Democrat House Representative Joe Salazar responds to his original war on women comments, must-see them here. h/t Revealing Politics, 9News Salazar’s response: “I’m sorry if I offended anyone.  That was absolutely not my intention.  If anyone thinks I’m not sensitive to the dangers women face, …

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