Colorado Democrat Senator Jeanne Nicholson Yells at Constituents to "Sit Down!" [VIDEO]


by Michelle Morin


So, how do Democrats really regard you, their voting constituent?

Answer:  As if  you’re their ugly, unwanted, sassy little step-child – and they long to have a switch in their grip.

Watch as Colorado’s angry, out-of-control Senator Jeanne Nicholson (D) yells at her constituents to “Sit Down!” when Rocky Mountain Gun Owner lobbyist Joe Neville and hundreds of constituents in attendance stand up en masse at her town hall to insist that Nicholson come clean with her upcoming vote on the Colorado anti-gun bills.  Nicholson even threatens to leave if they don’t comply.

h/t Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Gee, so much for the lawmaker being the public servant of her constituents.

If this doesn’t alarm the voters in Nicholson’s district, I’m not sure what will.


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