Colorado Elections

Hateful… Dangerous… Not Good for America

I had the privilege of speaking at the Candidate Debate 2010 last Tuesday night in Colorado Springs.  Local liberal “Steve” attended, and the next morning called a local radio talk show to share his insights. He said my words were “hateful,” “very dangerous,” and “not good for America”… that my speech reminded him of a book where fascism takes …

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Candidate Debate 2010 – A Grassroots Success

Tuesday night’s Candidate Debate 2010 was a HUGE success.  Hats off to Lana for her vision and all the folks who pulled together to make this happen.  No organization funded or executed this one… it was backed by the labor, sweat and tears of ordinary Americans inspired by their love of country …

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Join Me at THE Colorado Candidate Debate 2010

This is the Colorado Candidate Debate 2010 you don’t want to miss… it’s your opportunity to submit and ask questions directly to candidates running for US Senate (CO), Colorado Governor and Colorado State Treasurer.  Candidates will answer and debate questions in a professional and timed forum.  I’m privileged to be a debate panelist, and I hope you’ll join …

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