Obama’s Deal with Iran Aligning America with Evil


We have witnessed much over the last eight years. Everyone knows of the promised “fundamental transformation” and while some still see it as political rhetoric many understand it involves destroying America’s foundations through a forced change in American demographics, massive and unsustainable spending, the abandonment of our Constitution, and attacks on our culture all for the destruction of everything which is uniquely American.

Many look at these events as domestic problems, but they are far more than internal issues. The events of the last several weeks has seen the United States government handing the Islamic Fascist Iranian leadership the means to mass murder millions and to engulf an entire region of the world, if not the entire world, into war. The President is lying about what the “deal” means risking untold lives and making it clear our President intends to transform America not just into a socialist nightmare, but change her into a twisted and tortured mirror image of all she is and has ever been.

I am a product of the Cold War. A time of Khrushchev banging his fists on a UN podium promising Communism will outlast Capitalism, when nuclear Armageddon was more than a possibility, where duck and cover drills where as common as fire drills in school, and of proxy wars between super powers, but through it all we shared the collective knowledge that America was truly a beacon of freedom. We really were prepared to pay any price and bear any burden to triumph over evil for the preservation of liberty. Irrespective of political differences, we were still Americans.

Like so many others from that time, I always knew I would wear the uniform to do my part in standing against the “evil empire” along with the millions more ready to take up arms against any evil be it the form of the Soviet or Chinese communists or their offshoot client states. We knew we were part of the greatest power on earth; a true force for good.

It was also a time when the domestic enemies of freedom were completing the infiltration of our educational systems looking to make Khrushchev’s threats a reality, but they still had not expanded overtly into other areas of American society, but they were making great advances. The fundamental transformation of America was well underway, but the vast majority of Americans were still Americans.

We’ve witnessed great changes since the Cold War; a war we believed we had won as the symbol of totalitarian repression for an entire generation, the Berlin Wall, came tumbling down. Looking over the last 6 years since President Obama promised to fully implement our fundamental transformation, it is abundantly clear our claims of victory over evil were premature. For many even now the notion that America is good, something that resides in the DNA of true Americans, being destroyed by an American President and those he brings to power is too difficult to accept. The fact that we have elected government officials and allowed the appointment into government those who are actively providing the enemies of the civilized world the means to project a new holocaust remains a conspiracy theory to those who will not see even as they know in their gut something is terribly wrong.

Now, what I had left to private discussions with close friends over the last few years is a stark and public reality for anyone willing to open their eyes. Watching an American President desperately surrendering everything for just a photo-opt in claiming an historic “deal” is heart-wrenching and brings a sickness to the soul no one imagined possible just a few short years ago. Our President has aligned the United States with an evil as horrific as the Nationalist Socialists and just as dangerous as the Soviets of the last century.

It is more than a stain of our national psyche, it is the very thing so many Americans have given their lives to prevent. After many decades of indoctrination into anti-Americanism and the purposeful distortion of our history, are there still enough Americans left who are truly horrified by who we are being forced to accept as partners or has the majority been so propagandized to be willing to accept America’s forced twisted mirror image? The answer, for now, is yes the majority would still be horrified if presented with the truth, but are they willing to take the actions necessary to break the unholy alliances imposed upon us? Are you willing to stand up and declare we will not allow our nation, paid for with the blood and sacrifice of our ancestors, parents, and friends, to be remembered as a partner in a new holocaust; a partner to evil?  History proves the more time goes by while good men and women do nothing the more time evil has to take root and the higher the cost of one’s duty in removing it.

We have witnessed much over the last eight years. The Cold War did not end, it’s just that some new players were introduced and America, this time, is being moved to the wrong side. How history remembers us will be determined by our reaction to it all very soon.


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