Net Neutrality: Be careful what you wish for, because you just got it


To cheers from enemies of the 1st Amendment, the naïve and the foolish, the unelected body of the FCC illegally seized control of the internet for its federal masters.  People should always be careful of what they wish for because they might just get it.  The supporters of this government takeover of the freest public medium on earth will soon learn this lesson.

I have had the pleasure of spending many hours listening to various Colorado legislative committees, and upon hearing the news of the FCC action my thoughts turned to a true radical Socialist in Democrat clothing on the House Health, Insurance, and Environment committee.  (For the record it  was this Democrat,  but I could link to every Colorado Democrat in the legislature, and they would all fit the same description.)

Two weeks ago, she chastised Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt for bringing a bill that would repeal parts of Obamacare in Colorado statute on the condition that the US Congress and the President took the same action first.  The idea behind the bill was to give Colorado an effective and efficient means of adjusting state law to the certain changes that will be made in the federal law. She was upset because, in her opinion, it wasted her time debating something which might happen at a later date.  Based on her comments and votes this legislative session, it is clear that this Colorado legislator is a socialist.  As such, I am sure she was applauding the FCC attack on free speech, even though the stated rationale for it is based solely on a good many “might” happens and “could” happens.  Consistency does not matter to radicals; only the agenda matters.

How can I be certain she is thrilled with the FCC’s decision to take ownership of the internet?  She voted for HB15-1072, Colorado’s own attack on the 1st Amendment which will protect her from those like me who refer to her as a “Socialist in Democrat clothing,” even though she earns the title based on her own actions.  The truth can expose many things, and for enemies of free speech it must be controlled.  Read more about Colorado’s current attack on our free speech via HB15-1072 here in Michelle Morin’s post “Colorado Lawmakers: “Offending us is bullying and is punishable by jail

Tyrants know that to control the population they must first control the messages and the expressed public thoughts of those they rule over. Those cheering the takeover of the internet by federal masters they approve of should think again, as their favored tyrants will not be in power forever.  A tyrant less sympathetic to their views may well turn them from supporters of government control into its victims.

To all those applauding the FCC illegal action today, I highly recommend you read this open letter to you from Mike Walsh, “Dear Foolish and Gullible Americans, Net Neutrality is Not Your Friend”.

“ [Wait] until a Republican president gets in there and appoints a conservative chairman and they decide that Jezebel has to run a pro-life rant from Matt Walsh just for the sake of being balanced. That’s the funny thing about tyranny, folks, it never works out for anyone but the ones in charge. And you ain’t in charge. You’re just a rube. A useful pawn. A servant.”

Be careful what you wish for.  You might just get it.


Don Rodgers has been an influential political activist and leader in Colorado for 8 years.   He is the founder, leader, and organizer of the local 9-12 Project Pikes Peak Patriots, and a military veteran.  Find Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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