Obama’s “country within a country” – America, you’ve been had.

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While our borders remain wide open to anyone, for any purpose, the President has instituted a de facto amnesty by illegally issuing over 5 million work visas since 2009 without Congressional approval.  Now, unknown to the rest of us here in America, it’s also been revealed that Obama and Company have surreptitiously formed a “Task Force for New Americans,” whereby Obama’s invited flood of illegal immigrants are to now be planted as a “country within a country,” so that our own communities may be deliberately and fundamentally transformed.

The task force is comprised of the White House and every cabinet member, tightly coordinating with front groups for illegal immigration.  It is a final push to flood us with a new entitlement class – their “country within a country.”  It’s designed to solidify the power of the radicals in Democrat clothing and destroy those who aren’t yet subservient to and dependent upon Washington.

The whistleblower on this task force is Sue Payne, a contributor to WCBM 680.  She was part of a series of listening sessions for the Task Force, hosted by representatives of the White House, in which they were laying out what is already in the works.  From the WCBM 680 website, Ms. Payne was interviewed by Mark Levin and revealed what she heard first hand in these listening sessions:

As a listener on the call, it was easy to logically see how these communities would welcome [seedling] immigrants out of the shadows, but also that the host community members might well be relegated into the shadows.  In essence, the seedlings consume the host and what was once the original community is transformed.

In the nine minute audio interview, Ms. Payne revealed how far this Task Force has advanced.   More shocking revelations from Payne:

  • Immigrants should be viewed as seedlings to be planted in fertile soil to grow.  The fertile soil was equated to the “receiving communities” which would be those communities the illegal aliens are now living in, but once out of the shadows, these communities become welcoming or receiving communities.
  • Others commented that these same communities would be viewed as “emergent immigrant communities.”
  • One comment cautioned against assuming these “New Americans” would want to assimilate.  The interest was in navigation, not assimilation, and the navigation was through the system, focused on benefits.
  • Another commented that not all the New Americans would want work permits; rather many of the immigrant women wanted to be home with their children and not work, provided taxpayer benefits are secured for them and their children.
  • Another suggestion indicated that the Task Force consider these New Americans as refugees or asylum seekers, and as such considered for cash, medical, educational, and housing benefits.
  • This wave of New Americans will include many elderly and these older and unskilled immigrants need help to age successfully, i.e. getting into social security benefits as soon as possible.
  • In closing, there was a suggestion that another Executive Order declaring Thanksgiving be renamed Celebrate Immigrants Day.

I urge my readers to listen to the full interview here to learn how the President, illegal immigration front groups,  leaders of the Democrat Party, and non-elected public officials are collaboratively advancing the destruction of our culture, our futures as Americans, and with it the very foundations of our country.

So while we’ve been distracted and continue to watch the big media-driven drama of, “Will or won’t Congress fund the Department of Homeland Security?” regarding the Presidents executive actions in implementing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, he’s quietly made great strides establishing this “country within a country.”  The latest false flag we’ve heard about is, “Will the Republicans shut down DHS at a time when terrorist are on the move?” They answer is, “No, they won’t.”  This is just a ruse.

The truth is DHS will not be shut down.  Its mission continues, even without short term funding, because most of DHS’s employees are classified as “mission essential.”  They would report to work to be paid later, just as with every other fake government shutdown.  Yet, because a few Republicans will not turn a blind eye to the Presidents unlawful dictates, big media and radicals in Democrat clothing breathlessly shout that we are all in danger!   It’s a lie to cover the next phase of the invasion of America:  a plan to overwhelm our communities and build Obama’s, “country within a country”.

We’ve all been had, all of us:  Congress, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, useful indoctrinated tools of Americas left, as well as the just plain oblivious.  Every American is being had.

It’s not too late to reverse what we see happening, but to do so we must follow Mr. Levin’s advice and move past being “not surprised” and move into being furious.


Don Rodgers has been an influential political activist and leader in Colorado for 8 years.   He is the founder, leader, and organizer of the local 9-12 Project Pikes Peak Patriots, and a military veteran.  Find Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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