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This is Part 5 of a 5-Part series with Bazzel Baz.

What can you learn from a professional Child Rescuer?  As it turns out, a whole lot.  There’s so much more behind child rescuing and fighting the war on child trafficking than meets the eye.  My special guest Bazzel Baz concludes his 5-part series with some personal words that our culture desperately needs to hold close if we’re to find meaning beyond ourselves and impact the world around us.  Some excerpts from Baz himself:

“If you wish to be great, you commit to something greater than yourself.  It’s got to be a calling.  In your heart, there will be a small, still voice which will always remind you that you’re the only who can do this thing, if it’s to be done, and if it’s to be done right.  It’s simply a gnawing at your soul that won’t go away, and that what you’re about to accomplish, that it must be done at all costs, even at the expense of your own comfort.  In that process, we face obstacles.  For the trained mind, an obstacle is simply something to overcome.  For the untrained mind, the obstacle becomes a hardship.

God’s taught me to find value in who I am, and not in what I do.  At the end of the day, most people aren’t going to remember the good deeds that I’ve done.  But you know what they will remember?  They will remember our character, and how we treated them in accomplishing all of those deeds, and what type of courage we displayed, or the moral compass we used to remain fair and compassionate and wise.”

“Life is not safe.  Don’t try to feel safe, and don’t learn to feel safe, but learn to be brave.”

It’s striking that much of Bazzel’s words echo the spirit of America’s founding fathers.  Embracing the virtues Bazzel discusses in this show is required for any worthy and great mission, whether that be the war on trafficking, restoring our Constitutional Republic, or those personal challenges which we all eventually must face.

Listen to this 5th of 5 shows with Bazzel, devoted to understanding that there is something bigger than all of us worth living for.  Listen now, the person whose life is rescued just might be yours.

Please share and support Bazzel’s mission to rescue more enslaved and sexually exploited American children at ARC.  Bazzel is a Child Rescuer, founder and president of The Association for Recovery of Children, an actor and screen writer who starred in NBC’s The Blacklist, an author, a life coach, former CIA operative and Marine.


THIS is PART 5 of a 5-PART SERIES with BAZ

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