Meet Bazzel Baz – Who Are the Bad Guys and How Are They Taking Our Kids?

Bazzel Baz Segment 3

This is Part 3 of a 5-Part series with Bazzel Baz.

Who is taking the 2,000 American children who are reported missing each day?  From the small-biz guys, to the highly sophisticated sex trafficking rings involving world leaders, the evil perpetrators who are taking our children for sex to stuff their pockets with cash come from every demographic.  There is no discrimination in this evil and burgeoning industry.

How are they finding and where are they taking our kids?  According to my special guest Bazzel Baz, social media sows the largest harvest of American children for sex trafficking predators.  No age, race, gender, or demographic of children is excluded.  These evil creeps just want any child who can bring the most cash for sex, and they work very, very hard to seize them.  They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re very good at it, and they are always working.

Listen to this 3rd of 5 shows with Bazzel, devoted to understanding who is targeting our children, how they’re finding them, and how they take them for sexual exploitation.  Parents, this message is especially for you.  Chances are quite high that the predators’ methods of taking our kids are plugged into your own homes.  Listen now, the child who is rescued just might be your own.

Please share and support Bazzel’s mission to rescue more enslaved and sexually exploited American children at ARC.  Bazzel is a Child Rescuer, founder and president of The Association for Recovery of Children, an actor and screen writer who starred in NBC’s The Blacklist, an author, a life coach, former CIA operative and Marine.


THIS is PART 3 of a 5-PART SERIES with BAZ

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