Meet Bazzel Baz – What Does a Child Rescue Look Like?

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This is Part 2 of a 5-Part series with Bazzel Baz.

Have you ever met a modern day super hero?  Well I have, and I want you to know him, too.  Meet  Bazzel Baz, the man who literally rescues exploited and trafficked children out of pretty much any dark corner of the world.  Today’s is a riveting show which you definitely want to make time to hear (listen below).

There are 2,000 children per day who are reported missing in America.  That’s 800,000 per year.  Where are they going?  What has happened to them?  Do they ever come back?   Thanks to Bazzel, yes, some of them do.  Bazzel goes where he has to, finds as many exploited children as he can, and brings them back with a 100% success rate.  Bazzel and his team don’t charge a penny for this noble and heroic service, and they will go anywhere in the world necessary to rescue these children.

Listen to this 2nd of 5 shows with Bazzel, devoted to his team’s rescues of American children who have been trafficked or exploited.   The child who is rescued just might be your own.

Please share and support Bazzel’s mission to rescue more enslaved and sexually exploited American children at ARC.  Bazzel is a Child Rescuer, founder and president of The Association for Recovery of Children, an actor and screen writer who starred in NBC’s The Blacklist, an author, a life coach, former CIA operative and Marine.


THIS is PART 2 of a 5-PART SERIES with BAZ

Listen to Segment 1 with Baz:  “Let’s Talk About the Tough Topic of Child Trafficking in America”

Listen to Segment 3 with Baz:  “Who Are the The Bad Guys and How do they Take Our Kids?”

Listen to Segment 4 with Baz:  “How Can You Identify Child Trafficking Predators and Victims in Your Community?”

Listen to Segment 5 with Baz:  “Personal Words From the Man Who is Baz”

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