Meet Bazzel Baz – Let’s Talk About the Tough Topic of Child Trafficking in America

Bazzel Baz Segment 1

This is Part 1 of a 5-Part series with Bazzel Baz.

“Child trafficking.”  It’s a highly misunderstood and often ignored topic.  Some say it’s something that happens outside of America’s borders.  Some say it’s not something that will ever happen to our own children.  (That dirty stuff only happens on the seedier sides of large metropolitan areas, not in our good, middle-class neighborhoods, right?)  Others just don’t want to talk about it, because it’s dirty and WAY too uncomfortable.  And still others just don’t know what they don’t know.  Until the last few months, I fell into the latter category.

There are thousands upon thousands of evil individuals, from every zip code, who are actively seeking to either sell our kids for sex, or pay for sex with our kids.  I know more now, and I’m on a mission to sound the alarms and force the difficult conversation that must be had with family, friends, and lawmakers about child trafficking in America.  My friends, please understand this:  Those seeking sex with our children do not discriminate against kids based on race, age, religion, gender, or demographic.  Neither your kids nor mine are exempt in any way from becoming enslaved in this burgeoning cash-rich industry which is operating within all of our communities.

Meet Bazzel Baz, a modern-day super hero and expert on child trafficking.  Bazzel is a Child Rescuer, founder and president of The Association for Recovery of Children, an actor and screen writer who starred in NBC’s The Blacklist, an author, a life coach, former CIA operative and Marine.

Listen to this 1st of 5 shows with Bazzel devoted to child trafficking in America and the rescuing of these exploited children.   The child who is rescued just might be your own.

Please share and support Bazzel’s mission to rescue more enslaved and exploited children at ARC.


THIS is PART 1 of a 5-PART SERIES with BAZ

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