Join me at the Teller County Tea Party Health Care Rally 11/07/09


Teller County Tea Party Health Care Rally

The Teller County Tea Party Group  is having a Health Care Rally!


Date:  Saturday November 7, 2009

Time:  1:00 – 2:00pm

Location:  Ute Pass Cultural Center – Woodland Park, CO  (Click here for a map to the Ute Pass Cultural Center.)


I’ve been invited to speak at this rally about the health care battle, the agenda behind it, and what we the people can and are doing to stop its passage.  I’m excited to speak with this energized group and hope you will join me as we energize and mobilize to stop Obamacare now!  Even if you don’t reside in Teller County, head on over… this will be an opportunity to drive to a beautiful location, network with amazing American Patriots, and learn more about the health care battle and what you can do to stop it. 

Jeff Crank with Americans for Prosperity will also be speaking. 

I attended the Teller County Tea Party’s first rally on October 10th… and what an incredible turnout of energized Patriots ready to take action!  I’ve been to a lot of tea parties, and theirs ranks near the top for turnout and energy.  The Teller County folks are not going to sit back and watch our Constitution be destroyed by the Marxist agenda! 

Hope to see you there on the 7th!

Pikes Peak from Woodland Park

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  1. Bob November 7, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    Hey you did a good job speaking at the Tea Party. I thought the most salient point you brought up had to deal with the fact that many “conservatives” want to quibble about certain aspects and parts of the Health Care Bill, when in reality if we are going to be constitutional the whole thing needs to be rejected. This point can not be stressed enough as it seems the law makers in Washington more often than not are not debating whether or not we will have socialism but what kind of socialism we wil have.

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