Is Mitt Really the GOP Nominee? Not So Fast Friends, Check out the Numbers Before Walking off the Field

Quit the game before it's over???

Quit the game before it's over???

Here is the data to which I referred when I spoke on behalf of Newt Gingrich on Saturday at the Colorado GOP State Assembly.

Here’s why the “Get in line with the Mitt masses!” rants shouldn’t yet move the GOP’s “Not-Romney” base.

h/t RedState

In spite of what the media and left-leaning GOP types would have you believe, Mitt Romney does not have the GOP Presidential nomination wrapped up.  Remember, he has to earn 1,144 delegate votes to secure the nomination at the RNC.  The numbers and statistics don’t necessarily point to a secure Mitt nomination at this point.

Here are the real numbers and percentages Mitt needs to actually win, from RedState’s “The Numbers Are Not With Mitt” dated April 13, 2012:

“Mitt Romney must win over 60% of all remaining hard delegates to secure the GOP nomination.

19 states still need to be heard from, and of those states 869 hard delegates are available at the state and district level (discounting the 37 total delegates available between Indiana and Arkansas, which have proportionality rules only a democrat could love). State and committee GOP delegates number about 69, which I’m throwing into my calculations as a given for Romney.

Of the 11,280,792 votes cast so far, Romney has accumulated 4,595,908 or only about 41%. Typically, Romney does not garner more than an average of 44% of the vote. Santorum averaged about 25% of the vote. Even if half of Santorum’s supporters vote for Mitt, this still does not give him the necessary 60+ % to secure the GOP nomination.”

RedState got its data from RealClearPolitics, check it out for yourself.

Will you believe the media or the numbers?

As I said in my speech, which I’ll be posting here later today, the media telling us the Republican Presidential nomination process is done is the same media telling us that the GOP waged a war on women, and it’s the same media that highlights the “Tea Party” as anarchist extremists while ignoring the destructive Marxist agenda of Occupy Wall Street.

And we’re going to run with their message?

The momentum is seemingly in Mitt’s favor, and yes, I’m hearing everyone who is telling me to “give it up Michelle, Mitt is it.”  However, facts are very stubborn things, and the fact is that this nomination process is not over until August in Tampa.

Based on the numbers, a brokered convention is still a real possibility.  In that event, the endgame is anybody’s guess, and other candidates can re-emerge to change everything.   I’ll unite behind our official nominee when his or her name is officially declared at the RNC in Tampa.

Who walks off the field before the end of the 4th quarter and hands victory to the presumed winner?

Not me.  As long as he’s in the race, I support Newt so the conservative movement, for which I’ve worked hard, has a real choice in this race.

Rant all you want, but the facts don’t lie.

Anything can happen.


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