4th Annual Colorado Springs Tax Day Tea Party – Sunday April 15

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This nation is in a Constitutional crisis.

It’s time to rally together, unite around America’s founding principles, and send a clear message to those who would fundamentally transform this greatest of all nations.

It’s time to go to the 2012 Election Year

Tax Day Tea Party

Please join me and others who value America and individual freedom.

Date:  Sunday, April 15

 Time:   1:00-2:30pm

 NEW Location:  Mr. Biggs, Colorado Springs

It’s American.  It’s educational.  It’s even inspirational. 

It’s about you the individual.  And it’s free.


For details, click on photo. Click on the far top-right icon to open in a new window for readability:

[gview file=http://www.mom4freedom.com/EPCTEAParty2012Flyer.pdf]


 I’ll be giving away some of my Founding Fathers footballs!

 Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

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