Checks and balances from my other future patriot…

Okay, so my 9-year-old daughter loves to bake.  Begs me to bake almost daily.  (She didn’t get it from me… I am in the kitchen minimally and only out of necessity and obligation so my beloved precious family doesn’t get cranky [only Mom is allowed to get cranky in this house] or worse yet… starve.)   

So she’s preparing an apple pie from scratch, crust and all… with no assistance from me (that was the agreement… only if she doesn’t need my help).  And she’s doing quite an impressive job preparing her very first apple pie… can’t wait to dig in later this evening.  She also happens to have an entrepeneurial spirit I’ve not seen in other kids her age. 

So I say to her, “You are an excellent little baker… you need to start a bakery.”  She was quiet for a moment, then responded, “Why don’t kids get to do things like that… and why do we have to be a certain age to have a bakery?”  I pondered… all I could think of to tell her was, “Big government.” 

She responded, “Mama, you can’t blame everything on the Democrats!” 

Yes I can.

My Future Patriot with Tonka

My Other Future Patriot.... with Tonka

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  1. Justin Blough November 12, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    Kids are so great, always keeping us on our toes. Sometimes the principal in the questions they ask make more sense than we would like to admit. That is a cute story.

    I have run into similar trouble with my son who is 8. We make some long drives often and he loves talking about values and principals. I have a pocket Constitution and started working with him on learning his rights and the responsibility with each, as much as he can comprehend trying to put the nature of government into everyday life he can understand.

    Well as you can imagine he has correctly applied them to some situations. I say “Parents are different though”, he says “how come? we all have the same rights, it doesn’t matter what age”. Well I had to think about it and responded “Because it is my job to make sure that once you become a man, that you are able to protect yourself and respect rights of others correctly, but that can’t be done till you are older and fully understand why we have rights in the first place. So until then you can call me Daddy the IIIrd”

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