The time is now to KILL THE BILL!

URGENT ALERT:  Speaker Pelosi’s bill is on the floor!!!  Contact Representatives NOW – Tell them to KILL the BILL!

The time is now… the vote is Saturday 6pm EST. 

Contact your Representatives and tell them to KILL the HEALTHCARE BILL in its entirety:  Phone, fax, email… stop by your Representatives’ local offices and deliver a hand-written letter.  And don’t stop until the battle is over…

  1. CRITICAL >>> Got Blue Dog Democrats in your state?  Contact them!
  2. Contact your House Representatives, even if they’re not “blue dogs.”  Go Congress Merge to find your Representatives’ contact information:
  3. Spread the word.. Share this information now! 

Health Care Update Links

Thanks to for the following one-page summaries of how HR3962 harms a cross-section of Americans. 

Pelosi’s Health Care Bill is…

More about the bill…

 Join me and pray this bill goes down in flames…it’s about freedom…  

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