ObamaCare FINAL DAY THREE at the Supreme Court – Update for Wednesday, March 28th


ObamaCare arguments in the US Supreme Court are now done.  The major argument today was whether or not the individual mandate is severable from the entire law of ObamaCare.  In other words, if the individual mandate is struck down as unconstitutional, is the entire ObamaCare law struck down with it in its entirety (not severable), or is the remaining mammoth of the law left intact (severable)?

All arguments are done, here’s how the final day went.

Court Update

What happened in court today –>  Day 3 at the Court:  Severability and Coercive Medicaid Conditions (The Foundry)

Listen to the arguments –>  Audio and Transcript: ObamaCare at the Supreme Court, Day 3 (The Foundry)

If the mandate is ruled severable and is struck down, Congress must act.  We might not like it. –>  ObamaCare:  Know Your Enemy (Hot Air)

More You Need to Know

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56% of Likely Voters Favor Repeal of ObamaCare (Rasmussen)

Supreme court ruling on health care may hinge on 1937 social security case (The Examiner)

Text of the ObamaCare Bill (Scribd)


Individual freedom and our very Constitution are at stake, and they hinge on this court decision.  It goes without saying, but much prayer is warranted.


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