ObamaCare Day TWO at the Supreme Court – Update for Tuesday, March 27th


Correction to post:  “Sick and Sicker” airs free online through midnight Wednesday, March 28th.

Day two was fun to be part of (audio link below).  Obama’s solicitor general Donald Verrilli, Jr. took a beating by multiple conservative Justices regarding the premise behind the individual mandate.  Verrilli nervously coughed and sputtered through his defense, while liberal Justices actually posed “helpful” questions to bring him back to his original argument.  It’s a glimmer of hope and worth hearing.

Arguments are done, here’s what you need to know:

Court Update

What happened in court today  –> Individual Mandate Under Fire: ObamaCare at the Court, Day 2:  (The Foundry)

Listen to the arguments –> Audio & Transcript: ObamaCare at the Court, Day 2 (The Foundry)

The rest of the schedule  –>  Attention ObamaCare Court Watchers:  Synchronize Watches Now! (The Foundry)

MUST-WATCH:  Free Online Movie “Sick & Sicker” Viewable Through Midnight Thursday Wednesday

Watch Sick & Sicker here, a documentary about the failure of Canadian nationalized health care, and what’s in it for us if ObamaCare is not ruled unconstitutional by this Supreme Court.  It’s only free through midnight Thursday Wednesday, so watch it now.

Wanna Have Some Fun With ObamaCare?

If you’re on Twitter, you MUST watch and/or contribute to President Obama’s hashtag #ILikeObamaCare.  Conservatives have successfully hijacked it from a place which the President hoped to exalt the law, to a place where it’s sarcastically and truthfully exposed.

Some of the truthful tweets amidst the liberal utopian exaltations:

#ILikeObamaCare bcos my dog will get faster, better treatment from the vet than my kids will from the hospital. #hcr #tcot #tlot #teaparty

RT @AmerFreeForce: #ilikeobamacare because now I can live in my mom’s basement, get high & play xbox 4 a few more years – till I’m 26! #hcr

RT @CarlaLiberty: #ILikeObamaCare because ”After my reelection I’ll have more flexibility” to REALLY jam it down your throats. #hcr #tcot

Join in the fun.

And follow me on Twitter @Mom4Freedom – I’ll follow you back!


Individual freedom and our very Constitution are at stake, and they hinge on this court decision.  It goes without saying, but much prayer is warranted.


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