You MUST Know This About Health Care Exchanges – PART 3 >>> US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Says NO

This is Part 3 in my series about ObamaCare health care exchanges.  Be sure to read Parts 1 and 2 here and here.

Here’s Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s official statement about health care exchanges.   I received this directly from Congresswoman Bachmann’s office

Make special note of her words in italics:

The Time to Stop ObamaCare is Now

“One year ago President Obama launched a radical government takeover of our nation’s health care system. His administration wasted no time planting the seeds of ObamaCare’s bureaucracy. For the past year millions of your tax dollars have been spent to implement a nightmarish system that will eventually swallow up private markets and pave the road to single-payer, government-run health care.

The first year of ObamaCare has already caused some private health insurance companies to stop selling new policies. It has sent premiums skyrocketing, taking a larger chunk out of your paycheck and forcing untold numbers of small businesses to stop hiring and even let go of workers. And that’s just the start. The Congressional Budget Office recently acknowledged that ObamaCare could cost our economy 800,000 jobs by the end of the decade.

Long before 2020 ObamaCare will have forced itself into everyday life by vastly increasing the number of people who depend on government subsidies for their health care. Government-run health exchanges will push aside private coverage and most Americans will get their health insurance through exchanges that are run by thousands of pages of new federal regulations. There will be no turning back the newest entitlement, along with its taxes, mandates, and the budget-busting cost it will lay at the feet of taxpayers.

That’s why the time to stop ObamaCare is now. House Republicans recently missed a chance to use the leverage of a government-funding resolution to force a vote on defunding ObamaCare. Another opportunity is approaching and we must stand our ground in April. When the next Continuing Resolution is offered to keep the government running after April 8, it must contain language to defund ObamaCare and stop its ongoing implementation.

But the battle to stop ObamaCare is also happening on another front: 48 states have already accepted at least $1 million each of your tax dollars to help them plan their health exchanges. Only the Governors of Florida and Alaska have rejected these grants.

Many of the states taking this money are led by Governors who oppose ObamaCare and Attorneys General who are fighting it in court. They are taking the money because they believe it will give them an inside chance to fight ObamaCare’s onerous regulations. The trouble is President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid designed the health care law for federal control. States have been told they can make mandates that are tougher than ObamaCare or they can create their own single-payer system, but creating a health exchange that eliminates ObamaCare’s job-crushing regulations is not an option. Taking federal money now will not make it any more possible for states to “fix” all that is wrong with the health care law.

Instead, by accepting ObamaCare grants and planning for health care exchanges, states are giving credibility to a travesty that they will not be able to undo. In a vain attempt to hedge their bets, some opponents of ObamaCare are actually breathing life into the monstrosity that will soon pass a tipping point and become yet another unstoppable government entity.

Since ObamaCare became law, my home state of Minnesota has received $222 million in new grant funding from the Department of Health and Human Services. Those are taxpayer dollars flowing to new plans and programs that will demand ongoing taxation and spending to maintain.

But this is not just a Minnesota problem. Millions of dollars have already been doled out to 48 states, where the groundwork for ObamaCare is being built. That’s why I’m urging state government leaders to follow the example of Florida and Alaska in rejecting HHS funds that are only meant to reinforce a new federal beachhead which will soon become impenetrable.

ObamaCare cannot be fixed, and collaboration for the hope of improving it should not be an option. It must be dismantled, defunded, and disposed of now, before it becomes the massive crown jewel of socialism that it was intended to be by President Obama.”

Colorado’s State House Representative Majority Leader Amy Stephens(R) is Fighting to BRING Us Health Care Exchanges

As I write this post, exchanges are on the table in Colorado’s state legislature.  Check out Colorado SB 11-200 here.  This is a bill being co-sponsored by Colorado State House Representative Majority Leader Amy Stephens(R) and Colorado State Senator Betty Boyd(D).  The purpose of the bill is “creating a process for the implementation of a health benefit exchange in Colorado.” 

Do YOU think Representative Stephens(R) should be facilitating ObamaCare in Colorado???

If you say NO, like Congresswoman Bachmann, contact Representative Stephens today and tell her to stop facilitating ObamaCare, and that you want NO health care exchanges in Colorado.  This is about freedom from massive federal intervention in our lives, and it starts right here.    Here’s her contact information:

Rep Amy Stephens
     Rm # 271
200 E Colfax
Denver, CO 80203

Phone: 303-866-2924

There is Still More to Come

Now that you’ve read Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my series, do you still think you’ve heard enough?  I’m just getting started.  Stay tuned… Part 4 is next… and trust me, you want to know. 

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