With Idiocy Like This Controlling the Senate…

Yesterday, Congressman Doug Lamborn’sbill to defund National Public Radio passed in the House of Representatives by a 228-192 vote. 

Great news for freedom, indeed!  House Republicans are starting to take bold leadership moves worth applauding and supporting. 

But on the other side of Capitol Hill, such strides are blocked with rampant idiocy controlling the debate, as demonstrated here:

In reference to Senator Murkowski’s moving story (note sarcasm) about Alaskan dog races, Senator Reid makes a poignant moment (note sarcasm again) on the Senate floor to plug for NPR: 

“This is a good reason why the House vote was bad today to disband public radio. It [the moving story about dog races] was such a wonderful piece, I did not know that.” 

Murkowski goes on to continue the plug saying that NPR is the only way Alaskan dog teams:

“… convey birthday greetings in next village … it’s a way of communication … people don’t often recognize that in many parts of our state … we don’t have level of communication that we see here in DC or in most parts of the country.  So that’s our plug for public radio.”


“The only radio station I can get in the daytime in Searchlight is public radio.”


“There you have it.”

Did She Just Say, “There You Have It???”


With idiotic and irrelevant discussion like this prevailing on the floor of the US Senate, being used to justify how our money is spent, you can guarantee the freedom movement sweeping across this nation won’t stop until inane leadership like this becomes extinct. 

And there you have it.

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