Congressional Democrats Think Twitter Will Save Them In 2012

According to Roll Call, Congressional Democrats say they’re “outnumbered” by Congressional conservatives on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Speed-Geek Meetings

In her article, “Democrats Look to Twitter to Reverse Fortunes for 2012,” Jennifer Bendery wrote that House Representative Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held “speed-geek” meetings last week for Democrat House members, where each shared how they think social networking helps them reach their constituents. 

Democratic leaders have also held 3 staff briefings teaching about YouTube Google ads, Facebook, and Twitter.

At the time of Ms. Bendery’s writing, there were 19 more Republican lawmakers using Twitter than Democrats:  134 to 115. 

Conservatives Have “Shallow” Debate

On the subject of social media, Bendery quotes California Democrat Representative Mike Honda:

“We know that we’re up against a team of about 43 think tanks on the other side. … But when you engage them in a good debate, they’re shallow. They have no other place to go except to keep saying the same things over and over again.”

Now, that’s funny…  Shallow

Seems like conservatives went to the right place, and seems like stating truth over and over again worked quite well.    It brought a sweeping historical conservative majority across the House in 2010. 

As in Radio, So with Twitter – Truth Will Prevail

Just as free-market talk radio has been dominated by conservative voices, social media will continue to do likewise.  Americans no longer rely on traditional media outlets for their filtered and many times distorted versions of “truth”… now we can get it straight from the source.  The success of conservative political social media is a mass rejection of traditional media outlets, because Americans seek truth and they know where to find it. 

It will be fun to watch the Democrats carry their freedom-choking anti-capitalist messages to the viral side and subsequently implode… as truth “tweeters” pounce all over and undermine their weak premises.  Even if Democrats catch up with conservatives simply in sheer numbers, their message will ultimately fail. Go for it, Democrats… the more you talk and tweet, the more light is shed on your agenda. 

“Truth will ultimately prevail where is pains to bring it to light.” ~ George Washington

Side note:  I’ll personally see to it… and take my Political Power Tools Workshop to any conservative group needing a jump-start on spreading truth and defending freedom.  Forget flimsy Democrat “speed-geeks” … I cultivate Power Patriots. 

Michelle Morin is Mom4Freedom, a conservative blogger, speaker, and patriot for freedom and America’s founding principles.  Join her for valuable freedom updates here.

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