Will Colorado State GOP Completely Drive Off a Leftist Cliff with Ryan Call or Turn Back to the Right?



Today’s the day.

It’s election day in the Colorado State GOP.  It’s the day the Republican Party – both here in Colorado and nationally – either drives off a leftist cliff or turns back to the right and starts to become the party which can actually stand up to and push back against the leftist agenda in this country and state.  Because we all now know that what happens in Colorado will happen nationally.

I’m an elected member of Colorado’s State GOP Central Committee, and I’m driving to Denver to cast my vote for a new GOP State Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Yesterday I received some revealing emails about our leftist let’s-turn-the-GOP-into-the-Democrat-Party incumbent State GOP Chair, Ryan Call.

For the sake of time as I head out the door, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

First, an email from Former Republican House of Representatives Republican Candidate Sharon Bjorklund:

Dear Central Committee Member:

You may have read about my race in “The Blueprint How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care),” see pages 83 and 96 for specifics.  

We lost the house majority that year.  In Mesa County one of the most liberal Democrats, Bernie Buescher won.  There wasn’t a tax increase or spending bill that Bernie didn’t like, and Bernie was an avid supporter of the gay lobby even voting for and supporting the “Bathroom Bill” SB08-200.

When Bernie ran for re-election, Ryan Call, knowing Bernie’s liberal record personally gave the maximum donation of $400.00 to Bernie Buescher.

From “The Blueprint,” page 96:

“The Republican primary between conservative Shari Bjorklund and moderate Steve Erkenbrack broke down along ideological lines, pitting Republicans against one another.  After Bjorklund won the primary, lmany of Erkenbrack’s supporters refused to back her, opting instead to help Bernie Buescher.  Buescher took advantage of the schism, counting over 200 local Republicans among his donors.  ‘In the Bjorkland race, it was an ideological fight between conservatives and moderates,’ said Ted Harvey, at the time a Republican member of the House.  ‘When the moderates lost the primary they supported the Democratic candidate rather than their own party’s nominee.’ “

See Call’s Democrat donations here.  [From the Committee to Elect Bernie Buescher for House District 55 8/28/2007, Call donated $200.00 for Buescher’s Primary election plus $200.00 for Buescher in the General election.  Source is Colorado Secretary of State TRACER.]

And, under Ryan Call’s leadership the Republican Party has gone backwards.  We gained no seats and remain a minority in the Senate, we lost 5 seats in and our majority in the House, and while Colorado was expected to be delivered for Romney, Ryan Call managed to lose that too.

Besides working to keep conservative Republicans out of the party and actively donating to Democrats, Ryan Call is the registered agent for the group Progressives for Immigration Reform, a group which aligns with radical enviromentalists, union/labor leaders, and promotes population policy.
Sharon Bjorklund

Second email I got was this this one:  Ryan Call was arrested while serving as State GOP Chair.

If his leftist ideology isn’t bad enough, it was uncovered this week that Call was arrested in April 2011, during his service as GOP State Chair.  He was charged as a fugitive for failing to appear for traffic offenses, and was released on $1500 bond.
Read Call’s police report in its entirety here.  Click on the far top-right icon to open in a new window for readability:
[gview file=”http://www.mom4freedom.com/RyanCallPoliceRecord.pdf”]

I could go on and on about why Call’s challenger, Mark Baisley, must get elected as State GOP Chair today, but I must prepare for the big vote and hit the road.

Read for yourself more about Mark Baisley here.

More on all of this later, my friends…..

Read another great analysis of this situation here.


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