Hope & Change Crunch: Obamas Vacation 'Round the World While Americans' Incomes Shrink Worst in Recorded History

by Stephanie Fisher


When has America had Enough Hope and Change?

As Tax Day looms, Americans are hurting financially. With the expiration of the payroll tax cut on January 1st and record high gas prices for the month of February according to AAA, American households are really feeling the crunch.

From CNN Money:

“Personal income decreased by $505.5 billion in January, or 3.6%, compared to December (on a seasonally adjusted and annualized basis). That’s the most dramatic decline since January 1993, according to the Commerce Department.”

And Bloomberg reports:

“Disposable income, or the money left over after taxes, dropped 4 percent after adjusting for inflation, the biggest plunge since monthly records began in 1959.”

So, while the president has just returned from his golf outing in Florida, and the first lady just returned from her annual ski trip in Colorado, I ask:  What are you doing for Spring Break 2013?

Staycation, anyone?


Stephanie Fisher is a conservative writer and political activist in Colorado.  

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