Video Professor Obama Walks You Through the Online Freedom Choke

At long last!  President Obama has found his niche as the new video professor.  Here, he walks you through the few, simple tools commencing the freedom choke that is ObamaCare. 

It’s the complete tutorial, replete with sappy letters and video clips from anxious families who are relieved that the video professor is FINALLY stopping those evil insurance companies from denying coverage to children! 

And don’t miss the segment that helps small business owners learn about and browse the fees they’ll incur when their revenues don’t cover the new employer mandates.

Oh, and the bonus section about how your kids can stay in diapers and leach off your health care plans until they’re 26! 

And remember:  He’s gonna put you in control of your health care… (just keep saying it, sooner or later you’ll believe it). 

Push “play.”  Relax.  Learn in the comfort of your own home exactly what YOU can do online to facilitate the citizen control that’s about to consume your lives.

There’s something for everyone at!   Just a few, simple tools…

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