I Need a Reason to Vote!

This article appeared originally in the September issue of  The Constitutionalist Today

The primaries are behind us, and as Colorado Republicans we have chosen our 2010 candidates. Both before and since the primaries, I’ve been confronted by some passionate and principled voters. They tell me they might not vote in November since their favorite candidate didn’t get elected. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve heard: 

  • “I need a reason to support THAT Republican besides the fact that he is a conservative.” 
  • “I’m not supporting THAT Republican, I would rather let it all fall and work harder to find the very best candidate for the next election cycle.”
  • “Those who voted for THAT Republican are an uninformed electorate. He is unelectable.” 

 If you are one of those who share these sentiments and are tempted to leave your ballots blank in November, I urge you to read on and reconsider.

We’ve Only Just Begun – And We’re Late to the Game

Step away from 2010 with me, and let’s take a big picture look. The progressives have been chipping away at American freedoms for about 100 years. This current liberty movement we’re experiencing has really only been engaged and mobilized since the 2008 “Triple Crown” of Democrat victories. That’s not a long time compared to the progressive involvement.

This liberty movement is key to freedom’s survival in the United States. As the noose that chokes freedom continues to tighten around us, I don’t foresee the movement stalling. Instead, I predict it will steadily develop as the symptoms of the left’s oppressive legislation intensify.

If you’re unhappy with the primary results, ask yourself:  In one election cycle, is it reasonable to expect a new movement that is less than two years old to undo 100 years’ worth of damage? 

The Opposition Will Love You

If you haven’t yet read The Blueprint by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer, I urge you to pick up a copy and read it now. You will learn how the left has developed a well-oiled machine that has turned Colorado and many other states from Republican to Democrat majorities since 2004. They know what they are doing, they seem to be doing it legally, and each election cycle they are getting better at winning.

Their goal is to build Democrat majorities at all levels of government. That means they aim to remove as many key Republicans as they can. Their simple yet successful tactics primarily involve turning voters against conservative candidates. They target well, they move quickly, and they’re effective.

So, I ask: What exactly are you helping if you choose not to support and not to elect the Republican candidate this critical election year?  Is it possible you are walking right into the liberal playbook and giving them easy victory? 

Someone Has Freedom’s Best Interests in Mind – But it’s Not the Left

As free citizens in a democratically elected republic, it is our duty to keep our elected officials accountable. That accountability starts the day they take office and doesn’t end until their last. Recent history has demonstrated that Democrats will continue to cram their anti-capitalist, anti-God, anti-freedom agenda into our lives and destroy our individual freedoms. They will do it with little to no regard for their constituents’ protests and threats to unseat them next election.

While the Republicans we chose may not align perfectly with your expectations, putting them in office to regain a conservative majority provides at least two significant benefits. First, we will have valuable time to find and recruit candidates for 2012, 2014, and beyond. More importantly, freedom will have a fighting chance, since almost any Republican in office now will serve freedom’s interests better than a Democrat.

It’s simple. If we choose to let Democrats win, freedom’s crash is inevitable as they will continue to inflict more irreversible damage. Those wiser than me have already warned us. John Adams said, “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”  Ronald Reagan said, “Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” I know of no nation in history that has recovered freedom once lost. Do you? 

It’s Up to You

2010 could prove to be the most critical election in our state and nation’s histories. Some have said this is a “do or die” year for freedom. The progressives have made huge strides and damaging strikes against freedom. If Democrats are allowed to retain a majority this cycle, we all have reason to dread what’s coming:  be prepared to be ignored and watch your freedoms disappear right in front of your eyes.

If you’re still tempted to leave your ballots blank and let Democrats win, my final questions are:  How far will they go?  Are you willing to risk losing more freedom and find out?  Can we get those freedoms back?

Freedom’s fate: that’s a reason to vote. It’s up to you.


Post script:  By definition, whomever the people elect is a “viable” and “electable” candidate. Think about it.

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