URGENT – Your Voice Matters & is Needed in Final Push Against ObamaCare – Read & Act NOW

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URGENT:  Do your personal health, freedom, and the future of our Republic rest in the hands of one very partial United States Supreme Court Justice?

The answer is a very dangerous YES.  Unless YOU ACT NOW.

Do you want the constitutionality of ObamaCare to be ruled upon by a justice who once actively formulated legal defenses for ObamaCare?

No, you do not, because the Constitution will be trampled and undercut by the political interest of a single activist pro-ObamaCare Supreme Court Justice named Elena Kagan.  Need proof?  Keep reading…

(Already know about Kagan’s conflict of interest and don’t need further proof?  Then just scroll to end of post, look for red call to action and go!)

Here’s the problem with Justice Kagan ruling on ObamaCare – she DELIGHTS IN and DEFENDS ObamaCare…

As reported by Newsmax here, a string of Kagan emails written in January 2010 reveal her clear interest in acting as an advisor  “against the inevitable challenges to the health care proposals that are pending.”

After ObamaCare passed Congress in 2010, Kagan wrote this in an email:

“I hear they have the votes … !! Simply amazing.”

And here are MORE disturbing revelations about Kagan’s involvement…

From a letter I signed and which was spearheaded by the Judicial Action Group, here’s what else we know:

  • Documents finally released through Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests indicate that Justice Kagan actively participated with her Obama Administration colleagues in formulating a defense of the PPACA.
  • Justice Kagan admitted during her Supreme Court Confirmation hearings before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that she was present for “at least one” meeting in which the PPACA litigation was discussed.
  • Then-Solicitor General Kagan made the unusual, but not unprecedented, decision for the Solicitor General’s office to coordinate with the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) while preparing the earliest defenses of PPACA rather than following standard practice of waiting until the act reached the appellate courts.
  • Kagan personally appointed the over-sight of the PPACA defense to her top deputy – a political appointee – who zealously stated his desire to “crush” those challenging the constitutionality of PPACA.
  • Kagan both received and responded to emails about the PPACA litigation which the  department of Justice now refuses to produce in whole in response to the aforementioned FOIA requests, claiming that such documents are “privileged” under an exemption traditionally reserved for those participating in their role as attorneys in a case.

So you see…

Kagan must either recuse herself from the case, or at the very least, Congress must carry through an investigation to determine exactly how involved Kagan was in preparing the legal defenses for ObamaCare.

What Can YOU Do???

You must make your voice heard to Congress NOW.  It’s that urgent.

Do these 2 things now:

  1. Contact your members of Congress right now and urge them to A) call for Kagan to recuse herself, and B) conduct an official investigation to determine exactly how involved Kagan was in preparing the legal defenses for ObamaCare.  Congressional contact information is here.  Please contact both your House Representatives AND Senators.
  2. Sign Judicial Action Group’s petition here.

Join me for updates and effective action items,  I’ll keep you posted…

After you’ve contacted your lawmakers, send me your name, state, and email address (entry form is on the right sidebar of this blog page).  I’ll keep you posted and let you know what’s next.  

Thanks for acting on this one.  ObamaCare must be declared and ruled for what it is:  an unconstitutional choke on America’s precious freedoms.  If not, the crushing blow of ObamaCare will be irreversible.
It’s up to us to  keep this Republic.   


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger, speaker, and patriot for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for valuable freedom updates here

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  1. charles kruppenbacher December 5, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    i do not belive that any goverment should have the right to tell any one that they have to buy helth care this is america just say no

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