TSA Versus a Pilot with a Gun and a Camera

Watch this 12/23/10 Fox News video featuring formerly anonymous “Patriot Pilot” Chris Liu.  In it, an anonymous Liu explains undercover video footage he shot at the San Francisco airport where he exposes lapses in our new version of “national security” via Transportation Security Administration airport passenger screenings. 

He explains that while “upstairs” at the airport, passengers and pilots are being subjected to invasive pat-downs and x-rays, “downstairs” at the airport, ground crews simply slide ID cards through door-swipes and they’re in:  no scanners, no cameras.  According to Liu, even cargo makes it through these downstairs doors – no screenings necessary. 

Liu is exactly the kind of pilot I want in the cockpit of my flights.  As part of the volunteer basis Federal Flight Deck Officer Association’s security program, he was one of those wise and proactive airline pilots who carried a gun in the cockpit.  Once the TSA caught wind of Liu’s video and identified him, they suspended his Federal Flight Deck Officer credentials.  Then they showed up on his doorstep and confiscated his weapon.

So, here’s a pilot (God bless him) who took bonafide measures to protect his passengers, his airplane, and even his employer.  He carried a gun while he flew.  He identified and exposed legitimate lapses in a very flawed (and unconstitutional) bureaucratic system that purports to protect passengers and America.  He committed no crime.  Yet the way too powerful TSA can simply deem him troublesome, ring his doorbell, and (unconstitutionally) confiscate his weapon.

This is what’s keeping us safe???

There are 50,000 TSA agents in America, all working upstairs to keep us “safe.”  They proudly pitch our over-4-ounce liquid bottles, scan our bodies into digital nakedness, and molest our “junk.”  Yet one concerned pilot with a gun and a video camera shot holes in the facade that has become the TSA airport security screenings. 


Liu has since revealed his identity, as seen in this 12/28/10 Fox News article/video.

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