Where Would We Be?


234 years ago today, American colonies were in the throes of the Revolutionary war. General Geroge Washington had suffered military losses, and ultimate defeat at the hands of the powerful British army seemed inevitable. But God gave America’s losing, rag-tag, ailing Continental army a leader with faith, vision and determination, one who refused to surrender America’s future and freedom to the tyranny of the British king.

Washington took a daring gamble on Christmas night in 1776. He loaded his 2,400 haggard and beleaguered troops and munitions onto boats and crossed the icy, dangerous Delaware river for an early surprise Christmas morning attack on the Hessians. Both the weather and the enemy were formidable. The odds were against him, his men, and victory. But his determination and purpose would not be thwarted. Washington is known to have said, “My neck does not feel as though it was made for a halter [noose].” He would fight to the end for precious freedom.

The Almighty handed Washington success that Christmas day. Washington stated, “This is a glorious day for our country,” as 948 Hessians surrendered and 22 died. This military and psychological victory breathed new life into the Revolutionary war, paving the way for Revolutionary victory and ultimately for the freedom and lives we lead in America today. Where would we be without this brave, humble, God-fearing man who saw and loved freedom?

At last, on this Christmas day… where would we be without Christ?   The One who humbly came to earth as a Man, born in a dirty stable, born into poverty, yet born with an eternal, loving, sacrificial purpose for the individuals He loves and created. He came to die in our place so that we may have eternal peace, hope, and security amidst a world of war, sorrow, and sin.

May the peace and salvation He offers you be received today, and may you be blessed on this very special Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Most special thanks and greetings to our present-day service men and women in the US Armed Forces who sacrificially serve and protect America while we gather with our families on this special day.

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