The Michelle Morin Show 4/15/2018 – Syria, Chick-Fil-A’s “creepy Christian infiltration”, and an update about the Boulder gun ban

Microphone for MM Show

My take on the Syria attack: Was it a setup?  Was it a response to Putin?  Was it really about chemical weapons?  It’s complex!  Did you know that Chick-Fil-A is a “creepy infiltration” in New York?   I’ve got more details about Boulder’s proposed gun ban.  All this and more on my show with my incredible producer, Jason Hunt.  

Segment 1:  The Syria attack, Part 1.

Segment 2:  The Syria attack, Part 2.

Segment 3:  “Creepy” Chick-Fil-A “infiltrates” New York City, says The New Yorker.  More details about Boulder’s proposed gun ban, an LGBT lawyer lights himself on fire so that he could die protesting fossil fuels, and a Pennsylvania school district arms its teachers with tiny 16″ baseball bats to fend off would-be shooters.  No joke.  This and more in my last segment.

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