The Michelle Morin Show 3-18-2018

Microphone for MM Show

Weaponizing our children, gun owners are murderers, Trump fires Tillerson, McCabe get the axe, Mueller must stop investigating a fake election collusion, Russia really is a threat, and more….

Segment 1:  Is the left weaponizing children against us in this gun control fiasco since the Parkland, FL massacre?  Independence Institute’s Executive Vice President Amy Oliver Cooke joins us to share her in-your-face encounter with a gun control advocate who called her (and the rest of us pro-2A folks) “murderers.”

Segment 2:  Independence Institute’s Amy Oliver Cooke shares, from her history background, what a dangerous place we have entered with the “Gun owners are murderers” narrative.

Segment 3:  Trump released Rex Tillerson, Andy McCabe, AND through Jeff Sessions shut down the Mueller investigation into the fake “Russian Election Collusion.”  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Segment 4:  Russia is a growing, legitimate threat, but not in the election realm.

Segment 5:  Jason and I continue the ongoing #MeToo conversation, because it should be more uncomfortable not to talk about sexual abuse than it is to talk about it.  A transgender shares the #I’mOn <my period> movement, 1,000 girls in the UK have been egregiously and sexually abused by “Asians” and ignored by British law enforcement for over 40 years, and American soldiers must receive kisses at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Here are this week’s links of interest which affect your liberty and our Constitutional Republic, most of which Big Media probably hasn’t told you about:

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