The Michelle Morin Show 3-25-2018

Microphone for MM Show

Fraudulent GOP tyrants and unreliable Trump passed a monstrous 2,232 page omnibus bill upon us without reading it!  March For Our Lives positions weaponized youths against the Second Amendment and against the grownups with guns.  That and so much more with Jason on today’s show.

Segment 1:  What’s inside this horrific GOP omnibus bill?  I’ve got the details here….

Segment 2:  What’s inside the horrific, leftist, grow-big-government omnibus bill, continued….

Segment 3:  What do we do about this huge unaccountable government that’s breathing down our necks and enslaving our kids and our grandkids???

Segment 4:  The left is weaponizing our kids and attention-seeking youths against us and the Second Amendment with March For Our Lives, but not all youths are buying it.


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