Is the Broward County School District Responsible for the Florida High School Massacre? The Michelle Morin Show 2/25/2018

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Is a Broward County “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline” to blame for the deaths in the Florida Stonemason Douglas High School massacre?   All politics is local, and that truth becomes poignant once you understand more facts behind this horrific massacre that’s being nationally propagandized to demonize our Second Amendment.  Listen to my show tonight, because Big Media will never tell you about this well-researched analysis by The Last Refuge and

Segment 1:  It’s a massacre, not a shooting!  And he’s a murderer, not a shooter!  Big Media and even some GOP drool over “More Gun Control!!!”  What’s erupted since the Florida massacre?

Segment 2:  The Broward County School District entered into a “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline” with law enforcement which puts maximum quotas on juvenile arrests.  Why on earth???

Segment 3:  More about the deliberate bureaucratic breakdown of law which prevents juvenile arrests.  It sounds more and more like the Stonemason Douglas High School murderer could have been prevented from murdering 17 innocent people.  Find out why.

Segment 4:  Milk is racist, and the Illinois Governor proves it!  Nationalized health care in all its forms are evil.  Britain’s NHS is killing a toddler because he won’t have a “meaningful life,” while his parents are barred from being with their dying baby.  WTH???

Segment 5:  The best and worst thing that’s happened to our culture is the #MeToo movement… Jason and I continue this weekly conversation.   Because for the sake of sexual abuse victims, it should be more uncomfortable not to talk about it than it is to talk about it.



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