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Because OWS Is Laughable – Funny Colbert VIDEO

OWS humor

Meet Ketchup and learn about hilarious OWS consensus-building, plus all you need to know to join the movement. By Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. h/t Guy Benson – Townhall.com Watch video here. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Michelle Morin a conservative blogger, speaker, …

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"The Zionist-Jews Need To Be Run Out" – From Occupy LA

istock racism

I talk to a whole lot of folks who consider themselves “tea party” supporters.  In three years I haven’t heard a single racial slur from them. On the other hand…. Occupy Wall Street’s been “occupying” for a month across the country, and here’s one of their unashamed Occupiers ranting her anti-Semitic beliefs.  She also …

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The "Occupiers" – Whose Puppets Are They, Anyway?


I was in downtown Colorado Springs yesterday and drove past this beautiful city’s Marxist-occupied corner in Acacia Park.   It was a small occupation, yet its message is no different than its Denver and New York City counter-parts’ messages. What Do They Really Stand For, Anyway? Read their signs and you might …

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Overdose – Watch it Here and Now

Want to understand the current financial crisis and its causes?  If so, watch this award-winning film, “Overdose.” I doubt you’ll find a more comprehensive account of how we got into this mess. If you like the movie, then go “like” the  movie’s Facebook page here. From the Overdose Facebook Page: In times …

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