"People Will Die" – Yes They Will, But It Won't Be These Fake Martyrs

Fake Martyrdom From Occupy Denver

So now that it’s cold outside, the Occupiers are willing to “die” and “sacrifice” as martyrs.

“People will die [from the cold].” 

“We need to make shared sacrifice.”

“We’ll tell you dick jokes it will be funny.” <now that’s noble>

Somehow I’m having a hard time believing these ranting, angry squats will ever willingly let death overtake their cause and forsake all the redistributed wealth they expect to grab. 

If you can stand it, watch here:


And in Stark Contrast

Courageous men and women in the United States military really DO die.  These genuine American heroes willingly leave loved ones behind, put real boots on the ground, and cross borders into lethal territory. They tough it out, no matter how cold or painful or miserable conditions may be.  And many lose all. 

 Real Heroes Who Honorably Sacrifice

1st Lieutenant Ashley White is one of many

1st Lieutenant Ashley White

I didn’t know her personally, but something about her countenance in this photograph compelled me to post a bit of her memorial here. In contrast to the disgraceful squatting and ranting “occupiers” across the country, White conveys joy and courage while serving and standing in front of her nation’s flag.

From a blog entry at Cleveland.com memorializing White’s life (emphasized italics are mine):

“White, 24, … was killed Saturday near Kandahar Province when the assault force she was with triggered an improvised explosive device. Two other soldiers, Kristoffer Domeij, 29, and Christopher Horns, 20, also were killed.

‘She believed in what she was doing, and she wanted to take part in something that was bigger than herself,’said Laura Dodson, who served with White in the North Carolina National Guard. ‘I got an email from her, and she said she was enjoying the mission, and she missed her family. She was looking forward to coming home.’  White was a member of a cultural support team that aided special operations forces. … trained to deal with women and children in war-torn countries.  She was married.

As of Monday, 6,230 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.”

Please keep White’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. 

When the Occupying Yayhoos Are the Squeaky Wheel, Remember the Real Heroes

And be inspired to press on for freedom.  See more who gave it all at Honor the Fallen

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