The "Occupiers" – Whose Puppets Are They, Anyway?


I was in downtown Colorado Springs yesterday and drove past this beautiful city’s Marxist-occupied corner in Acacia Park.   It was a small occupation, yet its message is no different than its Denver and New York City counter-parts’ messages.

What Do They Really Stand For, Anyway?

Read their signs and you might think they’re just society’s discontents who yearn for a peaceful, utopian, and equal planet “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”  And perhaps they are that.

A sampling of their signs read:

 “We are the 99%.  End Corporate Greed.  Nationalize Currency.  Oppose Oppression.  Unregulate the Media.  Government Transparency.  Healthy Democracy(?).”

“Government is for the 99% not just the 1%.”

“Of the people for the people by the people.”

However, let their wishes come true, and their ultimate dream will be freedom’s nightmare of historic proportions.  The equality they scream for won’t be the realized outcome at all as this “last and greatest bastion of freedom” (~ President Reagan) would be “fundamentally transformed” (~ President Obama) into yet another tyrannical abomination on the world’s historical stage.  If these folks get what they demand, that last sign I quoted would be revised to read:

“Of thy government, For thy government, By thy government. Forget the 99%.  They are expendable.”

Think I’m Kidding?

Check out the following list of worldwide leaders and organizations who support the Occupiers.  Note the listed world leaders are self-proclaimed enemies of the United States.  Now imagine the most exceptional, greatest, most prosperous and free nation in world’s history falling into the hands of the likes of these types.  You’ll know I’m not kidding.

To Date, Here Are Key Endorsements For Occupy Wall Street

Communist Party USA

American Nazi Party

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Hugo Chavez


Amalgamated Transit Union
Transport Workers Union Local 100
United Federation of Teachers

Service Employees International Union (SEIU AFL-CIO)

Thanks to Don Rodgers for compiling this list.

Is America Going To Allow These Puppets To Usher In The Marxist Train And Destroy Freedom?

Good question.

With everything in me and God willing… I’m not.

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