A Victory Already Won


by Don Rodgers This last weekend, I was feeling pretty run down as we saw martial law imposed with little objection in a major US city to capture just one man. The majority party in Denver continues to hammer at our liberties bent on using the remaining 16 days of …

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Ask Me Why I Do What I Do, And THIS Is What It's About


by Michelle Morin Many times I am asked by some of the most well-intended yet concerned people, “Michelle, why do you do what you do?  It all seems like a losing battle.” Admittedly, the longer I engage in current events and politics, the more “interesting” it becomes.  It’s a battle, …

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Obama, Piety, Sluts and a Million Bucks [VIDEO]

President Obama

Selective piety… At a press conference this week, President Obama opportunistically chose the pious path and said this about Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” remarks directed at Sandra Fluke: PRESIDENT OBAMA:  “I thought about Malia and Sasha. I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful …

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Truth or Tyranny?

Freedom is bleeding. “From within the very land which birthed and nurtured it into existence And seemingly in stealth mode Freedom’s enemies are transforming the idea itself into a radical one An idea to be marginalized and demonized In this most exceptional nation in history Which will ultimately prevail? Freedom’s …

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"…then I'm not voting."

I’ve been told this.  As we approach the 2010 elections, I’m hearing this from some who say they’re on the side of freedom:  “If my favorite candidate doesn’t make it on the ballot in November, then I’m not voting.”  Or worse, they’ve even said they will vote for the liberal candidate.  Their arguments seem to be either: …

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I’ve hardly had time to plan for the feast, let alone write an entry for one of the most meaningful days of the year.  I’m ready to break from online life for a few days… but just can’t bring myself to walk away without acknowledging and honoring …

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