Ask Me Why I Do What I Do, And THIS Is What It's About


by Michelle Morin


Many times I am asked by some of the most well-intended yet concerned people, “Michelle, why do you do what you do?  It all seems like a losing battle.”

Admittedly, the longer I engage in current events and politics, the more “interesting” it becomes.  It’s a battle, to be sure.  But a losing battle it is not.

Let me explain.

In politics along every rung, the stakes are high.  Disturbing reality is that for the majority of  (but to be very clear, not all) elected officials and those who surround them, it’s about preservation or acquisition of power and/or money. If paying close attention, true character and motive reveal themselves very quickly.  And sadly the phrase, “With friends like you, who needs enemies?” is many times part of the political parcel.  I often share, it’s like going back to kindergarten (for the past 5 years) and finally learning the basics of human nature.  And the basics aren’t pretty.

Which brings me to this Easter weekend.

While perusing Facebook yesterday, Good Friday, I encountered a stunning photo of 3 wooden crosses.  Immediately, these words came to me.  I’ve added a bit since yesterday, but want to share with my readers and those who ask.

This is why I do what I do:

I can not fathom His love and His grace.
But I know He did it for me and in my place.
While it may seem that evil’s ways have been temporarily unleashed,
And while Truth is being spun as the new hate speech
There’s a very good reason never to cease
THIS is the proof there is eternal peace.
Until then I’ve got many jobs to do
Not unlike our nation’s founding fathers who also trusted and knew
That Freedom is so precious and it starts right here
With Sovereignty’s hand guiding there is no fear.
I owe Him my allegiance in the midst of it all.
Because He is the Victory before and after all.
Get out of my way if you don’t like Truth.
Because it really is finished.
This is the proof.
The Cross.
~ mm

<Yes, intentional snark near the end.>

And now please, check out my Easter post.

No snark, just sweet celebration. Here.


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