A Victory Already Won


by Don Rodgers


David walked into camp. His fellow Israelites quaking in fear. He can’t believe they’re letting this bully scare them. It’s EXACTLY how I feel. He knows God can do it through him. So he just steps up in faith and fights. And takes out the bully. It’s past time to stop the bullies in America. ~ mm

This last weekend, I was feeling pretty run down as we saw martial law imposed with little objection in a major US city to capture just one man. The majority party in Denver continues to hammer at our liberties bent on using the remaining 16 days of the session to inflict more harm on our families and businesses making reversing the damage all but impossible. News story after story reflects the collapse of our culture, radicalization in our classrooms, and a national blindness to events abroad.

All this and it just did not seem the people were “getting” what is occurring around them. The normalcy bias seemed stronger than ever and the means to fight back appeared more limited than ever before, but then I received an e-mail that said, “David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. There was no sword in the hand of David”.

The “fight” really isn’t ours alone and the “profound effect of seeing God’s power work on our behalf is that our confidence is renewed to enter the fray.” This fight is temporary as our victory is already secure. America is founded on Truth, the natural law, and on Gods insight given to the men and women put in one place at a specific time in history to bring to the world the light that is America. It is a gift willed to us through blood and sacrifice.

Many have chosen to turn from that light, but there are enough to ensure it is not turned out. It is a struggle to stand against what is coming our way, but “our confidence is renewed to enter the fray.” We do not need a sword to win a victory that is already ours. We just need Faith and a fierce unwillingness to surrender what has been willed to us.


Don Rodgers

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