Colorado HS student takes Governor Polis to task for his destructive agenda, Polis responds like a good Marxist

CO HS Student Confronts Polis

So this happened on Friday, 4/26/2019 in Fort Morgan, CO. Colorado High School student Ky Chapman stands and tells Governor Polis how outrageous and unconstitutional his forced agenda has been upon Coloradans.  But Marxists don’t like independent young thinkers like Ky.   Like any good Marxist, Polis responds with condescension:  by …

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Colorado Loves Chick-Fil-A

Colorado Loves ChickFilA

Even Colorado’s free-range cows caught wind of the boycott hullabaloo. Yesterday I bought lunch through the Chick-Fil-A drive-through. It was PACKED.  Parking lot full, drive-through wrapped around the building (as usual), every table filled inside, and standing lines at the counter. Gee, somehow I don’t think the boycotters are influencing their …

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Join Me at the Western Conservative Summit 2010

The Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian University has organized the freedom summit of 2010.  It’s the Western Conservative Summit 2010 “Right Turn, Right Now” July 9 – 11, 2010 in Lone Tree, Colorado.  It’s reasonably priced at $150 for the entire weekend speaker line-up, sessions, and four meals.  Or, you can …

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