500 "We the People" of Grand Junction, CO Townhall ~ Missing US Lawmakers

This is a “We the People” story from the Grand Junction, CO 9-12 group, which is part of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance (WSCA).  Neither of Colorado’s US Senators Michael Bennet, Mark Udall,  nor their Congressional District’s House Representative John Salazar would schedule a town hall in the Mesa County area during their August recess.  So, the WSCA scheduled an In Absentia town hall on 9/3/09 and extended written invitations to same lawmakers… none of them attended, but 500 Grand Junction area citizens showed up, questions in hand and ready to go! 

WSCA President Jen Bailey described the event this way: 

“Wanted to give you a quick update about our town hall. We had nearly 500 people come to the College. We drew tickets out of a jar and had those people come forward to ask their questions. THEY LOVED IT! 3 tv stations and the paper all came and stayed almost the entire time. So many people said it was the BEST thing we had done yet because even though the congressmen were not even there, the PEOPLE got to speak and they have been DYING to do that. Aren’t we all just SICK to death of hearing from these guys and gals who really have nothing to say that we want to hear?! Anyhow it went fabulously and we vidoetaped the whole thing which will be on Utube by the end of the week…it will be a classic for sure! And we also had each person write down their questions onto paper…so we will be delivering both the video and the written questions to all three [Bennet, Udall & Salazar] offices on Fri. As a side note if other groups are not passing the hat for donations…start. We had not been but the people responded generously and allowed us to pay for the insurance the college required and the rental of the facility and the advertising we did prior…so just a thought! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend. Jen Bailey”

My patriot friend Lu Ann Busse has made the excellent recommendation that maybe we can schedule 5 more of these in the Congressional Districts (1,2,5,6,7) that haven’t tried this yet so that everyone of our US Representatives get a DVD of what his/her constituents have to say plus Bennet & Udall get 5 more.  Great idea! 

These are worth watching, even if only a few… these are some fired up folks with great American spirit!  Keep this up and we’ll take it all back with a slam-dunk in 2010!  AND we’ll stop this nasty legislation they call health care reform!!!

Ya gotta love We the People!!! 


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