Reclaim the Blue Radio

Have you heard about the latest conservative radio talk show in Colorado?  It’s Reclaim the Blue Radio hosted by Al Maurer of Colorado Springs.  Where “truth, justice, and the American way” is more than a phrase.” 

Al is a proven, committed, and intelligent American patriot who shares his insights and wisdom about our founding principles and current events.  Tune in and you will learn more about what it took to make this nation great, and what it will take to preserve our freedom. 

Al articulates and educates well, and he will arm you with facts and a no-nonsense perspective about all things political.  I have worked closely with Al on freedom projects for over a year, and I vouch that he is a patriot you need to know, and whose influence you will welcome. 

Yours truly was privileged to be a guest on Al’s radio show last Saturday morning.  We discussed Colorado’s Amendment 63, the Colorado Right to Health Care Choice amendment, and I got another opportunity to promote the YES vote for this critical amendment. 

Reclaim the Blue Radio airs in Colorado Springs, but if you are outside the listening area, I urge you to tune in online and listen for yourself.  Check it out here:

Reclaim the Blue Radio

KZNT 1460am

Saturdays 9:00am Mountain Time

Thanks Al, it was a great morning on the air!

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