A Rare Appeal We Can't Ignore

When is the last time you heard a lawmaker ask you to keep him accountable?  Before today, I’d never heard it. 

Listen to US Senator-Elect Marco Rubio (R-FL) present yesterday’s Republican weekly address.  Rubio understands that he is entering an environment where the natural laws of self-preservation all too often overshadow the oath to support and defend the Constitutional rule of law. 

Listen to him summon us, the people, to hold him and other lawmakers accountable.  Take his appeal seriously.  Then do it. 

From his address (video below):

“For many of us coming to Washington for the first time, and others returning to serve, it’s a long way from home, a long way from people whose eyes we looked into at town halls … and promised that this time it would be different.  That if you elected Republicans to office again, we would not squander the chance you gave us … That is our commitment, and from you we ask this:  hold us accountable to the ideas and principles we campaigned on.  This is our second chance to get this right.  To make the right decisions and the tough calls, and to leave our children what they deserve:  the freest and most exceptional society in all of human history.”

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