Finally, the Big Day is Here

It’s Election Day 2010.  Finally. 

The freedom movement we’ve experienced is unprecedented in my lifetime.  Maybe even in our nation’s lifetime.  Tonight, after election results roll in, we can finally quantify it to some degree. 

Looking back, the 2008 elections may have been to serve a much greater purpose for freedom.  Here in Colorado, true grassroots groups of all flavors have sprung up across the map since that dismal day for freedom.  Groups like Coalition for a Conservative Majority (my personal favorite), 9-12, Liberty on the Rocks, the American Cafe, and dozens more now dot the Colorado landscape.  Freedom publications like The Constitutionalist Today and Liberty Ink have been printing valuable information for freedom, information that was lacking before 2008.  Single-focus organizations like Clear the Bench Colorado have come out of nowhere to make real impacts on the ballot.  An invaluable online Liberty Events calendar is now available for statewide use.  And I’ve only touched the surface.  

I have personally enjoyed pressing my way through this movement.  I’ve created and conducted my Political Power Tools Workshops, tinkered with and grown a successful Facebook Stop Obama’s Health Care Plan cause that grew to over 123,000 followers, assisted with the Colorado Amendment 63 Right to Health Care Choice ballot initiative, graduated Leadership Program of the Rockies, spoken at a myriad of rallies, been a guest on several talk radio shows, written for The Constitutionalist Today, organized a discussion forum for conservative leaders, and served as Communications Chair for the Coalition for a Conservative Majority

But groups, rallies, and projects aside… do you know what the best part of this freedom movement has been for me?  It’s the people.  I’ve been privileged to meet hundreds of the most incredible, freedom-loving Americans all across our state and nation.  People who love freedom.  People who love America.  People who have been willing to sacrifice something for the sake of their nation, their children, and their own well-being. 

People who have never been actively involved before are now real leaders for freedom.  My parents regularly attend freedom rallies (while my father reminds me he’s never in his life attended anything like this before).  My father-in-law hits the ground running collecting signatures for ballot initiatives.  My neighbor attends my workshop to learn how to make a difference from her computer (and she is making a difference).  My girlfriend from church is now speaking out and writing regularly for her favorite candidate.  My other friend from church regularly prays for our nation and for me, and I don’t even have to ask.  Another  fellow patriot just started his own radio show.  And the list goes on. 

It all makes me proud to be an American.  I am excited to see what happens tonight, as this tireless movement will finally see some real results and payoff.  We may not win every race or campaign we hold dear, but there will be plenty to appreciate as we tally the results. 

As painful as the last 2 years have been for freedom’s sake, maybe we will be able to look back and say it served a greater purpose, the kick-off to a bonafide freedom revival. 


Whew!  I’m ready for today to be over.  Now go vote!

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